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Everyone has a role to play in conserving energy both at home and at work. Here are the top five things employees can do in the workplace:

1. Turn down your usage of artificial light

Unlike artificial lights, natural light is free. Limit your reliance on artificial light unless you work in an area that is completely out of the sun’s reach. When not in use, switch off the lights at meeting rooms, the pantry, corridors and stairs. If the room or space is left unoccupied for a significant amount of time, kill the lights.

2. Choose energy-efficient light bulbs

Replace all existing lights with energy-saving light bulbs. They consume less power and they last longer.

3. Choose laptops over desktops

Laptops generally use less power than desktops. A factor that contributes to that is monitor size. While some staff members may need larger monitors, those who don’t can swap to laptops and other computers with smaller screens.

4. Use energy-saving features on all devices

Most appliances and electronics, like computers, printers, microwaves and air-conditioners, have energy-saving features. A perfect example is the hibernation feature on computers. Set your computer to go into hibernation mode when it is inactive for several minutes.

5. Replace outdated equipment

Old electrical equipment that is no longer functioning optimally draws power unnecessarily. The best option is to replace your old office appliances with new energy-efficient ones.

6. Go solar

Bonus tip! This tip applies more to employers than employees. Solar panels are a clean and long-lasting source of renewable energy that require little to no maintenance. The initial installation may be costly but after that, the amount of energy and money that you save is well worth it.

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