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The 10th of January is Cut Your Energy Costs Down Day. This time of year is perfect for being mindful of your expenses and your energy usage. We’ve compiled a list of eight simple ways for you to cut your energy costs.

1. Turn off your plugs when not in use

Even if you’re not using your electronics, they still draw power from the plug socket if they are left plugged in. It also isn’t good for devices like laptops and cell phones to be left on their chargers even when they’re full.

2. Switch to energy-efficient lights

Invest in LED lights for their obvious energy-saving benefits.

3. Close your pots when you cook

Using lids while cooking can reduce energy consumption by as much as 15%.

4. Only put cooled food in the fridge

Warm food will raise the temperature inside the fridge, causing your fridge to kick into high gear to regulate it. So, rather wait for your food to cool first.

5. Let it air dry

Whether it’s hair or laundry, opt to let it air dry rather than using appliances every time.

6. Do only full laundry loads

This will decease the amount of loads you do, as well as cut energy consumption.

7. Switch off all lights when you’re not in the room

8. Take shorter showers to save water and heating costs

It’s important to conserve energy as much as possible in order to preserve our world. It also has economic benefits to be energy efficient. Trust Ellies to supply you with energy-efficient solutions for both the home and the workplace.

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