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The Stellenbosch Flight Academy based at the Stellenbosch Airfield is an aviation training institution that provides advanced pilot training. At the heart of the training facility is a highly-sophisticated, state-of-the-art flight simulation training device, also known as a simulator.

“We evaluated many options, but the option finally selected from Ellies gave us the best technical solution at an affordable price. The installation was done very neatly and professionally and I am very happy and satisfied with the overall service experience provided by Ellies. Since the installation in June, we have not suffered service disruptions due to electrical supply issues. This has drastically improved our service offering to our customers and also ensures that our very expensive training simulator is now better protected against surges.”
– Francois Stols, Owner of Stellenbosch Flight Academy


  • Ensuring the uptime of state-of-the-art flight simulation technology during periods of load shedding, allowing pilots to maintain their license renewals and other pilot training.
  • Ensuring clean power to protect equipment from power surges, spikes and noise.


5x 3.6kw Lithium Batteries
5kw SunSynk Inverter

The solution provides enough backup power for around eight hours.

Power conditioning and smoothing provided by the inverter ensures clean power, protecting from spikes, surges and noise.

Stellenbosch Flight School 5kW Inverter Installation

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