Saving you money

With electricity prices steadily rising, the baseload of your household can take a toll on your finances.

Microinverters and PV solar panels give you the power to generate electricity from the sun. Each unit of electricity generated is income in your pocket – as it means you don’t pay the utility for that unit.

Your investment is sustainable

Our Solar Solutions help you to benefit from the sun’s rays.

Using a renewable resource gives you the security of knowing that your investment will save you money, time and time again.

Advanced monitoring

You have the option of purchasing your own, advanced monitoring unit. That way, you can monitor the performance of each solar panel linked to your microinverters in real-time.

It will also notify you of performance issues; in the unlikely event they occur.

High quality solutions

Our microinverters carry a 12-year warranty with a 25+ year design life and our PV solar panels carry a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.

Your experience with our brand and the value you get from our products is what counts most to us. Invite us and our products into your home today.


Residential Solar Solution


Simple. Solar panels on your roof convert light from the sun into Direct-Current (DC) electricity.  Our microinverters then convert this DC electricity into Alternating-Current (AC) electricity – which is what you use in your home.

Throughout South Africa, we have stores across the country.

Free monitoring is included, for life. You can monitor the system 24/7/365 from a mobile app or web browser.

No. Solar geysers use the sun’s thermal energy (thermal solar) to warm water, thus requiring less purchased electricity to heat it. Ellies’ Solar Saver system converts light (photons) into electricity (voltage) which is fed into your distribution board; effectively making all your electrical devices solar-powered. This technology is called photovoltaic (PV) solar.

No. We believe that a PV solar solution integrated into your main distribution board is far more robust and offers the best returns by effectively making all your electrical devices partially solar powered. Your geyser, pool pump, borehole, stove, kettle or any other electrical device would benefit from PV solar power.

No, nothing. The system is completely passive, so wear and tear is minimal and the equipment is covered by exceptionally long warranties.

Financially, yes. The PV system will ensure you use less purchased kilowatt-hours (kWh’s) from your utility every month. However, it will not provide power when the grid is off – during load-shedding for example.

There are many fly-by-night solar PV installers out there. Ellies is a listed company and we’ve been around for almost four decades. We only supply proven, best-in-class equipment and have the expertise and experience nationally to ensure that your installation will be done professionally and hassle-free.


Your electricity provider charges for electricity in units called kilowatt-hours (kWh). Each kWh drawn from the PV solar system is one less you are purchasing from the utility – these quickly add up resulting in significant savings.

South African wholesale electricity prices have escalated by over 378% since 2007! This means that the retail price of electricity has escalated at over 15% per year, compound, for this period. This is likely to continue – or even increase more drastically – over the next few years. So, with almost certainty, your savings will grow. If electricity prices escalate by 15% from one year to the next, a saving of R100 this year will be R115 next year and so on.

With any investment, you invest a capital amount and receive an income on this capital. This income, relative to the capital amount invested, is referred to as the yield.

  • This yield, along with the future growth of the income, determines how good an investment is.
  • With the Solar Saver product, the first year yield (first year savings/purchase price) is typically more than 20%.
  • With the projected electricity increases this yield should increase every year and, when viewed over 10 or 15 years, the expected return derived exceeds 30% per annum.
  • For most houses, the expected investment returns from Solar Saver are far greater than you would earn with almost any other investment.
  • The returns from Solar Saver are totally independent of financial markets. Regardless of whether share or bond prices are up or down, you will continue to save.
  • The income received in the form of savings is not subject to tax.

Best of all – whilst saving money, you are saving the environment too!

Our engineers use the following information to design a system that will yield the greatest financial savings for you:

  • Analysis of your electricity bills for the past 3 – 6 months to infer your typical electricity consumption.
  • Available roof space.
  • Prevailing electricity tariffs.
  • Any evident shading (as seen from Google Earth) e.g. chimneys, trees.
  • Geographic location.
  • Budget.

We design our systems to generate the maximum financial savings for each customer.

  • A full turnkey solution can start from as little as R30 000.
  • A typical house with a pool and two electric geysers, needs a system costing R45 000 – all in, fully installed.
  • Our technology is modular, so you can start off small and add to it at any time.

Of course your individual system cost, estimated savings and borrowing costs must be considered to answer this. For the most part, the returns provided by Solar Saver are far higher than the borrowing costs. So, yes, in most cases, it certainly makes financial sense. Many of our customers use funds from their access bonds as this money is relatively ‘cheap’.

It absolutely should. Since this is a continual, long-term income stream, it is a valuable addition to your property and makes it more attractive when selling.

Landlords will still get the same benefit in the form of reduced electricity expenses. Landlords can either these savings directly or they can pass the savings on to a tenant to attract better occupancy rates.

With our system it is possible to feed back into the grid. However, in most municipalities, this is still a contentious issue at present. So, by default, our systems are set up to not export power to the grid. It’s likely that in the near future this will be possible and it’s easy for us to enable this functionality, should you want it.


Even in cloudy and rainy conditions the solar panels still generate some power, albeit far less. On days like these, you would simply be more reliant on the utility.

Minimal. The panels should be kept clean to allow the maximum amount of light through. Often rain is enough to rinse away the dust built up. A hose down once or twice a year is recommended. A squeegee, with no soap or detergents, can be used to remove bird droppings if needed. The rest of the system requires no user maintenance.

Our PV solutions are modular and can easily be added to at any point.

The typical house needs about 20 – 25 m2 of roof space. But because of the modular design, our system can even be installed in a 5m2 space. North-, and then, East- and West-facing roof sections are first choice.

Our solution is connected in parallel with your utility connection (grid-tied). As such, any electrical equipment becomes partially powered by the solar.

Yes. 3-Phase houses are no problem.

Our systems have a design life in excess of 25 years.

Our microinverters carry a 12-year warranty and are designed to last more than 25 years. Our PV solar panels carry a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.

Solar modules are designed and thoroughly tested to withstand decades of exposure to the elements. Panels are also toughened to survive all but the most severe hailstorms. For extreme potentialities, the equipment should be insured under the Buildings section of your home insurance.


With a proven track record and years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on being a company with a conscience. Your experience with our brand and the value you get from our products is what counts most to us. Invite us and our products into your home today.

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