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Whether you’re trying to power your home more sustainably or you just want an alternative to the national grid, these tips will help you adapt to using solar power and get off the grid.

1. Prepare some space

A full off the grid system requires a lot of space. Not only will you require about 20 panels on your roof or lawn, but you will also need to store a number of batteries. A fully functional off the grid system could require about 20 – 30 batteries that need to be stored in a cool, dry area. In fact, the environment in which you keep batteries affects their lifespan.

2. Have a backup plan

If the plan is to live completely off the grid, one should probably invest in a backup generator or another source of power, just in case of emergencies. This could be beneficial if your solar system hasn’t stored enough power due to long periods of rain or cloudy weather. You can reduce the cost by only using it for emergencies.

3. Convert your lighting

The first step to sustainable consumption is changing your usage habits. If you’re still using incandescent lights, replace them all with LED light bulbs. This will greatly reduce your usage and reduce the size of the solar power system that you might need.

4. Convert your appliances

Electric stoves, ovens, geysers and heaters all use excessive amounts of electricity. Where possible, replace them with their solar alternatives or with gas options.

5. Adapt your consumption habits

Aim to use your power during the day during peak sunlight hours. This will help you reduce the load on the batteries during the evening. This is important because the less discharge you have on your batteries, the longer they will last.

6. Use quality products and have a professional install them

Cutting corners in terms of quality will only cost you in the long run, especially if solar power will be your only source. Use only trusted suppliers and products to avoid being left in the dark.

Ellies stocks quality LED lights, generators, inverters, batteries, solar panels and many other products that will help you get off the grid. We also have trained professionals who will install the products for you so you can rest assured that your home’s needs are in good hands.

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