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Don’t be in the dark about the many lighting options are available to you and your business. Research has shown that lighting has a significant impact on the mood and overall productivity of employees in an office space.

Poor lighting has been attributed with distorting the body’s natural circadian rhythms. Often referred to as the body’s “built-in-clock”, circadian rhythms are responsible for regulating energy and alertness during the day, and rest and relaxation at night.

To enhance office productivity, there are two approaches you can take for lighting solutions:

1) Natural Lighting

As one would expect, natural light is the best lighting option available. Natural light helps to reduce levels of anxiety and it has been linked to a reduction in eye strain and migraines.

A study by the World Green Building Council found that workers exposed to daylight are 18 percent more productive.

So, how can you use this to your advantage? By maximising natural light.

Use shiny surfaces like mirrors, chandeliers and gold doorknobs to reflect the light.

If your office has no windows, add skylights. Thanks to modern technology, skylights can illuminate a space without even contributing to the heat in summer.

2) Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is also excellent, and it is usually used in hallways, conference rooms and reception areas to make a significant space brighter. Larger lighting installation is required for this, especially with overhead light fixtures.

Some companies even opt for variable or flexible lighting. That allows employees to customise the settings on overhead lights, as well as individual lights or lamps, based on a person’s preference or task.

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