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Ellies Electronics is bringing breakthrough solar technology to where you’ll value it most: your home. We supply products that are good for the environment and good for your bank account too! Installing our innovative Solar Solutions is an excellent investment. It’s a sure-fire way to add value to your home.

Our Solar Solution integrates grid-tied microinverters and PV solar panels with intelligent networking and optional monitoring systems, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency of your solar system.

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Lighting the Way

Why our Solar Solutions are an excellent investment

Reducing the baseload, and saving you money

Things like electric geysers, pools, and household appliances use power throughout the day. With electricity prices steadily rising, the baseload of your household can take a toll on your finances. Microinverters and PV solar panels give you the power to generate electricity from the sun. Each unit of electricity generated is income in your pocket – as it means you don’t pay the utility for that unit.

Handy modular systems 

  • Our Solar Solutions are modular, so they can be added at any time. This gives you the chance to upgrade your system whenever you want.
  • All of our hardware fits onto your roof, with no extra inverter box in your home. There’ll be no bulky hardware getting in your way or taking up space.

Advanced monitoring 

You have the option of purchasing your own, advanced monitoring unit. That way, you can monitor the performance of each solar panel linked to your microinverters in real-time. It will also notify you of performance issues; in the unlikely event they occur.

Your investment is sustainable 

Our Solar Solutions help you to benefit from the sun’s rays. Using a renewable resource gives you the security of knowing that your investment will save you money, time and time again. Investing in our Solar Solutions is certainly a smart, bankable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly choice.

Your investment is low risk 

If you have a microinverter with linked PV solar panels, the source of your cash flow is essentially the sun.
This makes your investment low risk, as the sun continues to shine. What’s more, our Solar Solutions come with long warranties and are insurable under your building insurance.

You’re in good hands 

Our reputable team of experts will make installing your Solar Solution a stress-free, simple experience.
You can rely on us to guide you through every part of the process. Your peace of mind is our bottom line!

Science behind microinverters

Solar panels on your roof convert light from the sun into Direct-Current electricity. Our microinverters then convert Direct-Current electricity into Alternating-Current electricity, which is what is used in our homes.

Hoymiles Inverter

How our Solar Solution can save you money 

We’ve put together a detailed, straightforward breakdown of the ways in which installing our solution could benefit you.

If you pay cash

By investing R50 000, you can expect:

  • 16% of your money back in the first year
  • All of your money back within 5.6 years
  • After 10 years, you’ll have more than R50 000 extra in your pocket

  • Within 25 years, you’ll have saved more than R330 000 – this means you’ll have effectively earned over 22% each year on your investment
  • No tax is applicable to this type of investment

If you use your home loan to buy the Solar Solution

If you have a flexi/access bond available, you’ll be able to benefit immediately, without having to pay upfront.

Based on:

  • 10% interest rate per annum
  • 20 years left on your home loan

We’ve calculated that:

  • If you draw R50 000 from your bond
  • Use the income generated by your Solar Solution to repay the R50 000 borrowed
  • Once the R50 000 is repaid, the remaining income from the system is cash in your pocket

  • After 7.5 years, you’ll have repaid the initial amount borrowed from your home loan inclusive of interest
  • After 10 years, you’ll have saved more than R29 000
  • After 25 years, you’ll have an additional R310 000 in your pocket

With projections based on:

  • A typical North-facing house with a tiled roof in Gauteng
  • Electricity priced at R1.80 per kWh
  • An electricity rate escalating at 6% per annum
  • No shading – such as trees or neighbouring buildings

  • A wipe-down of the panels every 6 weeks
  • A minimum 2kW constant load in the house
  • As utility costs steadily increase, this investment will continue to make you more and more money

Creating high quality solutions that you can trust

At Ellies, we stand by the quality of our globally sourced products.

  • Our microinverters carry a 12-year warranty with a 25+ year design life.
  • Our PV solar panels carry a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.

With a proven track record and years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on being a company with a conscience. Your experience with our brand and the value you get from our products is what counts most to us. Invite us and our products into your home today.

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