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With the growing demand for electricity on our power grid, and the unpredictable supply of power from both Eskom and your local municipality, along with load shedding it is important to have all valuable appliances protected from power surges.

A power surge can occur when power is restored after an interruption in the electricity supply, load shedding, vandalism to substations, cable theft, general power outages and when socket outlets are overloaded as a result of plugging in too many devices to the same socket.

Even though the duration of a spike is typically less than a thousandth of a second, never underestimate the extent of damage that could be caused to household appliances and electronic equipment.

Generally, when speaking of a surge, most people would think of a lightning strike. A lightning induced surge can similarly cause irreparable damage to your electronics and household appliances.

A dip in power or what is referred to as a ‘brown-out’ can also cause damage to equipment in your home. This occurs when the power supply drops usually by a fault in the distribution network, or when your electricity supplier reduces the supply. A dip in power can also be caused by appliances that draw a large amount of power when in use – you may see a slight dimming of your lights when this occurs.

Surges and dips in power are beyond our control. Even though your equipment may not suffer a catastrophic failure during a surge or brown-out, over time with the small surges and dips in power – some that we may not even notice – the electronic parts in your equipment are degraded and parts may suffer damage.

As we live in a country with unstable power supply, care to protect our household appliances and electronic equipment is paramount.

Ellies has a range of surge protectors to cater for all your needs at home or at the office. Our range includes medium surge protection adaptors, multiplugs and extension leads, plugs to protect your fridge and TV, and a high surge range with a R30 000, 2-year surge warranty for protection of items including your telephone, fax machine or modem.

Always buy good quality electrical products to use with your appliances and electronic equipment, and check them regularly to make sure they are in good working order. Ensure that all the electrical wiring from your distribution board to your sockets is compliant and only allow qualified electricians to work on the electrical wiring in your home.

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