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3.6kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter


Reduce your electricity costs by managing power from various energy sources, including solar panels, batteries, the national electricity grid, a generator or even a wind turbine – all with a Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter.
It’s ideal for home and business and scalable so that you can expand it as required.
• Start with UPS backup power (with batteries and inverter only) and add panels later;
• Start with Grid-tied (with panels and inverter only) and add batteries later;
• Install a complete Hybrid system including batteries and solar panels which can be expanded; or
• Go totally off the grid with a completely independent system.

Ideal for powering TVs, decoders, computer equipment and appliances that consume more energy such as fridges, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, kettles and toasters.

  • Inputs:
    • PV solar
    • AC grid power
    • Batteries
    • Generator
  • Output voltage – 220/230/240Vac
  • Continuous power – 3600W
  • Backup power – 3600W
  • DC – 48V
  • Battery charger – 90A
  • Transfer time <= 10ms
  • Battery charger adjustable for battery bank size and type
    • Can charge Lead Acid and Li-ion batteries
    • Li-ion battery charging self-adapts to BMS
  • Solar Input
    • Max power input – 4680W
    • Max V DC input – 370V (100V~500V)
    • Max current input – 2 x 11A
    • MPPT – 1
    • MPPT Range – 125~425V
  • Multi-core processor design and advanced MPPT control
  • High reliability and response speed
  • Programmable export
  • Works parallel on or off-grid
  • Single phase operation
  • Multiple operating modes:
    • Battery only
    • Grid-tie only
    • Hybrid
    • Off-grid
  • Additional features
    • AC couple
    • 6 stages time of use settings
    • IP65


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Code FBIHSK3.6K48P
Name 3.6kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter
Product dimensions (W) Width: 330mm
(H) Height: 208mm
(L) Lenght: 580mm
(KG) Weight: 20.5kg
Packaging type Gift Box


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