Pick ‘n Pay has a Light Bulb Moment and Calls Ellies Leave a comment

Pick ‘n Pay in Observatory, Cape Town needed to revamp their lighting, but there was a catch.

All Pick ‘n Pay franchises must conform to the Pick ‘n Pay guidelines set out for décor and design, including lighting. In addition to this, the layout of the store needs to be considered, because using the same lighting across the store is not always efficient.

Fortunately, Ellies is committed to providing solutions that are engineered to meet every client’s unique needs, so we immediately set to work on a tailored solution for Pick ‘n Pay. We used daylight tubes over the aisles and cashiers, cool white tubes over fresh and hot foods, as well as warm white lights for the bakery.

As a result, Pick ‘n Pay improved their store’s overall aesthetic and, as a regular reminder of a job well done, started saving R24 613 and 27 451Kw every month.

Do you need lighting solutions built with your business in mind? Call us now.

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