Load shedding/power outages, anybody’s guess? Leave a comment

Load shedding/power outages anybody’s guess? Always at the most inconvenient time and never sure how long it will last?
Don’t be left in the dark, Ellies Inverter Trolleys with built-in batteries are the perfect solution.

Keep the lights on,
Don’t miss out on your favourite program,
Keep safe, activate your alarm system,
charge your mobile phone
stay connected to things that matter.

Ellies Inverter Trolleys seamlessly switch over to battery power as soon as the mains power goes off, convenience at your fingertips, simply….. plug, charge and use.

Get the best out of your inverter

  • The inverter is intended for indoor use only.
  • Never exceed the load limit of the inverter, even though it has overload protection.
  • If the battery starts giving off a very strong smell like sulphur/rotten eggs, shut down the inverter immediately.
  • Make sure the inverter is placed in a well-ventilated area.
  • Keep the inverter away from fire and smoke.
  • Do not use electrical equipment with elements or compressors like heaters, kettles, stoves, microwaves, air-conditioners, fridges and freezers.
  • To maintain the inverters’ battery life, recharge it at least once every 2 months. We do recommend that you have the inverter permanently plugged into the mains with your equipment running through the inverter.

Quick Reference Runtime Guide            See the available range

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