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With spring now upon us, the great outdoors beckons. But those warm nights still need some light. Whether you prefer entertaining outdoors or simply unwinding on the patio after a long day, we enlighten you on how to brighten up your evenings.

1. String lights

String lights are perfect for special occasions or simply to enhance your outdoor dining. Make sure you use LED lights as they are more energy-efficient and durable.

2. Pendant lights

These are especially useful if you have an outdoor dining area that needs that extra bit of light. Alternatively, you can bring out a comfortable chair and create your own little hideaway where you can read in peace, under the glow of a pendant light.

3. Flood lamps

LED floodlamps are great because they double as security lighting and they last longer. Their long-lasting nature saves you the effort of constantly changing light bulbs.

4. Lanterns

Lanterns are easily movable, and they create a great atmosphere. You can either use them with candles or invest in rechargeable lanterns that can accommodate light bulbs. The rechargeable lanterns are great for outdoor spaces as well as during load shedding.
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