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HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and it’s a common cable found in various consumer electronics like computers, TVs and BluRay players. It supports the connection between a device such as a BluRay player and a flat screen HDTV or projector and it can also be used for audio equipment like mixers, recording systems and speakers.

The digital cable also substantially improves the sound and picture quality by providing the first standardised compact interface for transmitting this digital data in an uncompressed format.

HDMI cables combine both audio and visual channels into one interface to create a universal connection, compatible with various brands. This simplifies the installation process of a home entertainment system. Before HDMI cables, each electronics company used various analogue connections such as VGA, radio frequency and coaxial cables that were not always compatible with devices from other companies.

HDMI cables use the same technology as DVI cables. DVI, or digital visual interface, is the digital connection standard in the PC environment. HDMI simply takes DVI and adds an audio component, support for a different colour space and a few other components, all in a smaller connector. HDMI cables have become so well recognised that PCs and monitors sold today come with both an HDMI port and a DVI port from which to choose.

Without HDMI, 4K video wouldn’t be possible as it can’t be sent through analogue cables. Thus, HDMI is paving the way for better quality.

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