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Lighting has the power to change the mood and ambience of a space. That’s why it’s important to choose the correct lighting for the area and the occasion. Read on as we shed some light on the topic below:

1. Visibility and productivity

Light affects how we perceive a room. For example, a poorly lit room may look cramped, dull or unwelcoming and a poorly lit pathway may appear unsafe. Likewise, an office with flickering or harsh lights can make employees feel stressed and unhappy.

2. Brightness

According to research published in the Journal for Consumer Psychology, bright light intensifies people’s emotions, whether negative or positive. So, the brighter the light, the more intense the person’s particular feelings in that space.

Retail stores use this fact to make an area of interest more prominent. For example, if there’s a new product, they’ll often make that area brighter to draw consumers’ attention. However, it’s not enough to simply brighten the whole store because although bright lights can intensify a consumer’s interest in a product, they also quicken the speed at which they shop. That can sometimes mean less sales as they hurry through the store. Dimming lights can cause people to be calmer and more relaxed. Therefore, it’s important to be able to adjust the light to suit your goal in that moment or in the given area.

3. Remember functionality and safety

As integral as light is in creating a certain atmosphere, light is still very functional. For example, if you want a dimmer space overall but need a certain area to be brighter, add lamps like task desk lamps or floor lamps so you don’t need to sacrifice visibility.

Lights also serve a safety function, especially in outdoor areas. Not only do outdoor lights keep the dark at bay but weather conditions such as rain and hail can make an outdoor area unsafe. So, it is essential that it is always well-lit.

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