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Whether it’s an intimate gathering for friends and family or a year-end function for your entire office, the music and sound can make or break any event. Here are some key sound-related things to consider when planning your function:


An important consideration is the purpose of the sound system. If it’s mainly for speaking or acoustic guitar, you can get away with a smaller system since these don’t require a lot of power or generate a lot of bass frequencies. If you’re going to accommodate a full band or DJ, you will need a larger system. You may also need to consider microphones, signal processors, amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Venue and audience size

The size of your venue and audience plays a large role in determining what kind of PA (public address) system you choose. For smaller functions, a large sound system might be too powerful and hinder guests from speaking to each other audibly. You could use a Bluetooth sound system because it distributes good quality music and it can fit easily into a smaller environment without taking up too much space.

For larger crowds or outdoor events, a large PA system is essential for the music to be heard above the noise. It might be necessary to hire a DJ sound system as it has all the accessories and functions that you will need for a large space. A mixer will allow you to mix different tracks from different CDs and wirelessly from any device. You can hire amplifiers to connect to the mixer and amplify the sound throughout the venue.

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