Ellies Electrical Surge protection: Your barrier against unpredictable power spikes Leave a comment

We rely heavily on electricity on a daily basis. It forms the very foundation of our work and home life, and our need for it grows continuously. You could scarcely point at a single device in your home that doesn’t rely on electricity – that’s simply the way in which our lifestyles have evolved.

Of course, electricity is fairly volatile. Its unpredictable nature leads to power surges that cause extensive and expensive damage to household appliances. To protect against these energy spikes, we recommend purchasing our surge protection products to keep everything in check. These inexpensive products offer the perfect way to protect high-end equipment including TVs, decoders, hi-fis, gaming consoles, and other appliances you simply couldn’t (and shouldn’t) live without.

Our products are backed by a R30 000 warranty; that’s how much faith we have in our brand.

To find out more about our range of surge protection products, click here.

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