Ellies Engage

Ellies is a company with heart, which is why we formed Ellies Engage, our Corporate Social Investment programme. It’s all about giving as good as we get, by channelling our success back into the communities that have helped make our business what it is today. We are primarily focussed on using learnerships, charity, enterprise development and staff engagement to build a brighter South Africa for tomorrow.

Some of our most successful programmes include:

  • We participated in “Rise Against Hunger” initiative where 45 000 food parcels were packed for various schools and orphanages which will feed approximately 173 children for an entire year.
  • A blanket drive where 23 500 blankets were distributed to the needy across the country.
  • The Things On Wheels Mobile Feeding Vehicle food parcel handout, soup kitchen and soccer day.
  • The Ellies Installer School which was established to support Ellies’ commitment to BBBEE and serve as a training academy for the previously disadvantaged.

Mandela Day Library Project – Kokosi Primary School

In the words of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Understanding this change deeply, The Ellies group under the banner ‘Engage’ initiated our annual Mandela Day Library Project at Kokosi Primary School in Fochville on Wednesday, 17 April 2019.
In partnership with organisations such as Soul Buddyz, The Department of Education and the Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom School Library Project, the event was well received with smiles and victory chants from the children at Kokosi.

Just over three million South Africans remain illiterate, according to Statistics South Africa 2018. This is an alarming high number and what we have achieved, aims at reducing these numbers.

Not only was the Library a great feature for the kids, but also the partners involved. Mr Magagula, Acting Chief of Education from the Department of Education stressed the fact that the youth of South Africa and the department needs all the help that they can get. He also mentioned that the children’s success is dependent on all of us, and through collaborative efforts such as the Mandela Day Libraries, the country is well on its way to change the world.

Rise against Hunger

Nearly 3.1 million children under the age of 5 face chronic hunger in South Africa. Food poverty is a leading cause of death, and “Rise Against Hunger Africa” supports over 274 ECD (Early Child Development) facilities nationality to combat hunger.

Our Socio Economic initiative turned out to be a spectacular  day of teamwork from accross the business to support this humanitarian cause.

45 000 food parcels were packed for various schools and orphanages. These food parcels will feed approximately 173 children for an entire year.

The “Rise Against Hunger” initiative “#EndHunger” impacts and provides meaningful sustenance to thousands of hungry, innocent children around the country.

We at Ellies, were proud to have been afforded the opportunity to participate in this programme and we would not have reached this incredible milestone without all the immeasurable support from the staff.

Blanket Drive

Things on Wheels

The Ellies Installer School