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With energy being in high demand and sustainability becoming increasingly important, now is the perfect time for sunny South Africa to seriously consider photovoltaic (PV) solar solutions. See the top five reasons why it’s the way to go:

1. Guilt-free power

Unlike fossil fuels, which produce carbon emissions, PV solar energy doesn’t produce any kind of pollution. It does not create noise pollution or any other negative effect on the environment.

2. Little to no maintenance

A PV solar power system requires very little maintenance once it has been installed. Thereafter, there are virtually no other costs involved. PV solar power systems also last exceptionally long.

3. Location doesn’t matter

It’s even more hassle-free than you think! PV solar power works even in isolated locations where there is no electrical cabling. The only requirement is that there is direct sunlight.

4. Long term affordability

PV solar power lessens your dependence on the national grid. This reduces your electricity costs and it can even eliminate them altogether, should you wish to go off the grid. Unlike being on the grid, solar power has a once-off cost on installation. Thereafter, there are no monthly fees.

5. Versatility

Not only can PV solar energy be used to power electrical appliances, it can be used to pump water out of the ground – even where there are no existing electrical cables.
Ellies has a wide range of products in the PV solar category to ensure that you can benefit from this dynamic and sustainable energy source yourself.

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