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Why suffer under South Africa’s energy crisis when there’s a smart solution? Electricity tariffs are soaring from one day to the next. There’s no need to face an ever-increasing electricity bill when you can switch to energy and cost saving products that shave a pretty penny off your usage costs.

As a leading solar solutions provider, Ellies provides clients with sustainable photovoltaic products that not only cut costs but are vastly more environmentally friendly. While you may not be able to distance yourself from the grid completely, you’ll be one step closer to self-sufficiency and one giant leap closer to saving your hard-earned cash.

We also offer leading LED lighting technology. By switching from Fluorescent and Incandescent lamps to our energy efficient lighting products, you will be able to manage your energy consumption more effectively. In this day and age, you really do want to keep a finger on the pulse of your electricity usage and the resulting expenditures.

We take pride in being South Africa’s top turnkey solutions provider. Our energy saving products are available in retail stores nationwide.

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