Battle of the generators: Which one is best for your home? Leave a comment

Since the end for load shedding is not yet in sight, it’s important to investigate the best alternative energy sources. Here we break down the benefits and disadvantages of two types of generators for domestic use: petrol and diesel.

Petrol generators
Generally, petrol generators are considered best for infrequent or low usage. The reason for this is that petrol generators are slightly less durable than their diesel counterparts. Although they still last long, they don’t compare to diesel. They’re also not as fuel efficient.

They are, however, slightly quieter than the noisy diesel generators and they generally emit less fumes.

Diesel generators
Diesel is the more expensive yet more durable option. It’s perfect if you have high power needs. What it lacks in quietness, it makes up for by being quite fuel efficient.

In a nutshell…

Petrol Diesel
Quiter Louder
Less fuel efficient More fuel efficient
Less durable More durable
Less fumes More fumes
Best for infrequeent use or low usgage Best for frequent use or high usage

Whether you choose petrol or diesel boils down to preference as well as your energy needs. At Ellies, we provide both petrol and diesel options so you can make the best choice for yourself and your home.

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