Let there be light: 3 reasons why your business needs outdoor lighting Leave a comment

Everybody knows that interior lighting is essential in any environment, but exterior lighting often falls by the wayside. See the top 3 reasons why you need outdoor lighting for your business.

1. Encourages walk-ins

This is especially important if your business is a retail store. A well-lit storefront is inviting and signals to shoppers that your store is open and operational. Bright lights are also great for drawing attention if your store is having a sale, promotion or any other occasion that you want your customers to be aware of.

2. Improves security

When the exterior of your business is too dark, it creates an environment that is unsafe and thus conducive for criminals. It can also be very uncomfortable for staff members.

3. Adds personality

Just like décor, lighting allows you to convey the personality of your brand or company. You could use lightbulbs in your company’s colours.

Lighting could even double as a form of signage. If you get LED lighting in sign form, you could change the messaging to tell customers about upcoming sales or specials or remind staff about important days.

Just because it’s outside, does not mean that outdoor lighting needs to be neglected. Ellies has a wide range of commercial lighting options that will greatly benefit your business.

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