An exciting range of products to add value to your existing installation business

Having previously completed the Ellies Installer Course, we have packaged an exciting business opportunity just for you.
Offering you the ability to expand your business earnings, profit potential, product and service offering to your clients.

Join our Green Power Expert Network today for only R12 000.

This includes:

  • 5 days of professional training across the Ellies energy efficient product range free of charge.

  • Start-up stock , across the Ellies energy efficient product range, to the value of R 7 300 at wholesale prices. (Allowing you to include an average 30% profit margin before selling the products to your clients)

  • Access and use of our exclusive energy efficiency mobile app. An important multi -functional business tool allowing you to conduct real time audits, provide customer solutions, sales conversions, quote, develop your own customer database, send personalised newsletters to clients and capture before and after photos of each job (your proof of performance , record keeping and customer brag book)

Your competitive advantage in the market:

  • Your product offering is cheaper than retail

  • You offer immediate customer service

  • You have invaluable product knowledge

  • You have the ability to upsell your installation customers immediately, you already have an appointment, now be the expert, add value and make additional profit for your business

  • You represent personalised, trusted, convenient customer service , repeat business and the most powerful form of marketing, i.e Customer word of mouth on your offering

  • Increase your product and service offering Today. You’ll be one step ahead of competing installers in the market

  • Supply valued products that your customers need and want

  • Access quality, affordable products at wholesale prices, allowing you to make a good profit margin, putting extra money in your pocket

  • Be supported and offer excellent customer service using the trusted Ellies brand name that has sustainability for today at tomorrow’s income streams

What’s in it for your customers?

  • Immediate access to affordable, warranty backed products

  • Convenience, and making the Rand go further in one appointment

  • Cost efficiency and savings as a result of installing the latest technology in energy efficient products

  • Customised solutions backed by on-site product knowledge and expertise

At Ellies we pride ourselves in supporting small businesses, helping you drive your business, sales conversions and profits using our cutting edge technology products, exceptional service and pricing to gain market share.

Become an expert in energy efficient products. Be your customer’s primary contact and service provider.

YES! I would like to find out more detailed information and apply to become a Green Power Expert

Email Us: green@ellies.co.za

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